Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 33: The Soaring Eagle

I heard...

Once there was an injured baby eagle, which was abandoned and later found by a kind farmer. The farmer took great care of it and nurtured it back to health. Upon recovering, the baby eagle spent all its time in the farmland, mingling with the baby chicks and as time went by, the baby eagle grew, and gradually, picked up the ways of the chicken.

Meanwhile, the kind farmer attempted to teach the eagle to fly by enticing it to flap its wings, hoping that the now young eagle will soar some day. Unfortunately, instead of soaring high, the eagle continued its chicken ways, happily pecking at the feed and forgetting that it is indeed an eagle.

Several attempts pushed the farmer out of his wits and in a flash of frustration, the farmer grabbed the young eagle and toss it over a cliff!

And at that precise moment, the young eagle started to flap it wings. Madly, like its the only thing it ever knew and the story soared up high, into the distant sky.



Sets me thinking - must it be at THE crunch that the realization hit one, and action is finally taken? Probably. Maybe one has to be put on the line, to step up and take action.


  1. It took pnemonia to get me into the PCP. I guess that was my cliff.

  2. Are you facing a cliff or flying Peyday?

  3. Haha, I was facing a cliff, and took the leap of faith :)