Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 53: Trailing on

The momentum seemed to be picking up on and off as I missed some of my practice. I thought of resetting my exercise to 2 weeks back, and spoke to Patrick about it. He suggested pushing on from where I was, follow through with the team.

It strike me then - some things in life, you cannot just push the stop button and restart. You just got to get going, make right what you did wrong and learn from the experience. I may have lost some of my momentum along the way, yet, it doesn't give me the excuse to restart. Live with the consequence, embrace it and continue where I am.

A lesson learnt. I am pushing through this.

How are you, Tiggers!!??


  1. I'm chugging on through. I actually had a dream last night involving two baby tigers. In the dream, I was considering whether to give the cute little things to a friend as a gift. Don't know where this one came from. The only other time I remember dreaming anything about tigers was a dream I had where a woman who was half tiger was trying to kill me. I was around seven years old at the time.

    Did I mention, I used to have a cat named Tigger.

  2. I'm going -- although this past week does not rank high on my personal achievement. I've missed a few days, but I just jump right back in and continue on. Yeah, I miss having a reset button on life.

  3. Stay strong and just do the workouts and diet without investing a lot of mental thought into the choice. Just do it!